Metro Guide Uniquely local
"A starry night in omaha" art featured in omaha world herald's metro guide and front cover.

 iske family Mural
Painted with acrylic and metallic acrylic mixture on an old barn. located in Bellevue Nebraska on cemetery road. July 2014

friend of egret

metallic oil, oil paint and oil pastel. 40x30in canvas. 2016

trinity trail

oil and metallic oil paint. two 8x10in canvases. 2015

Old Market Banner Project
"A starry night in omaha" and other art banners covering the fencing around the Mercer Building at 11th and Howard streets

Omaha Skies
oil paint, oil pastels and ink. 14x14in canvas board. 2013

Varadero Beach
oil and metallic oil paint on 9x12in canvas. 2016

Western meadowlark

Acrylic paint on 24x24in coffee stained wood slab. 2016

Farnam and 14th

Color pencil and graphic pen on 6x8in paper. 2016

Savanna Nomad

Oil pastel Oil and metallic oil paint. 36x36in canvas. 2017

Follow Me

farnam reflecting midtown

metallic oil, oil paint and oil pastel. 24x48in canvas. 2016

new york city moon

Oil paint and metallic oil paint. 36x36in canvas. 2015

lake lewisville

Watercolor & graphic pen on 11x17in watercolor paper. 2016

Art work by David hernandez

art by david hernandez